G.S.A.T.R.H innovative summer camp for disabled children

Every year in July carry out summer camp for child disability in Loutraki area (property C. Papadakis).

 Camp Features:

• Organised by G.S.A.T.R.H.
• Program Manager & Coordinator: Yiannis Nicolaou (Director G.S.A.T.R.H.)
• Program Manager & Coordinator: Nikos Polyzos (chief G.S.A.T.R.H.)
• Organization of educational activities: Nikos Nikolaidis (Head of Occupational Therapy   G.S.A.T.R.H. )
• Number of children for each period: 14
• Escorts: 1 for each child (at least)
• Assistant staff: 4
• Number of staff in total for each period: 18

 Daily Activities:

Therapeutic horseback riding



 Puppet theater

 Cuisine- confectionary

 Cognitive Behavior Drama

 Music Therapy

 Sport activities

 Entertainment programs

 Games etc.

  Special features:

All activities are adapted as therapeutic activities in every child, so that along with entertainment there and continuing education, but in a way that is not something perceived and being tiring. Thus during the camp sessions conducted customized therapies, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education, behavioral intervention, etc. every day. Also is given particular emphasis in daily activities such as feeding, dressing, hygiene, etc.  always within the framework of occupational therapy. In a nutshell emphasis is placed on rehabilitation, but through an alternative and enjoyable way.


Strict selection of staff after evaluation
Cleanliness and enclosure of the surroundings
Supervision by the psychologist of the team
Cooperation with the team physician
Pool lifeguard
accessible area
Thoughtful nutrition program with a large number of organic products
daily hygiene
A small number of children and a large number of escorts
Private insurance campers and staff